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100 Years of the Robinson Family Reunion

Ada welcomes all Robinson descendants to attend! Every August, descendants of Rix Robinson descend upon Ada!

What: 100 Years of the Robinson Family Reunion

When: August 12th, 2018 @ 12pm

Where: Ada Park, MI

Why: For a century, they have gathered from all over, to enjoy time together, catch up, and remember their common ancestor, the first non-native settler in this area.

Rix Robinson

Robinson left his parents and 11 siblings in Cayuga

County, N.Y., in 1821. He bought a fur trading post on the Grand River in what is now Ada, settling there in 1832.​​

Robinson, credited with founding and naming Grand Haven, helped negotiate a treaty in 1835 between the Ottawa and Chippewa nations and the federal government that opened land north of the Grand River to white settlers. He later brought all but one of his brothers and their families from New York to settle along the river from Grand Haven to Lowell.

The museum grounds host several artifacts related to Rix Robinson: a large stone monument commemorating Robinson’s Grand River trading post, the gravestones of Robinson’s parents from New York, and an interpretive panel telling the story of Ada’s native peoples, the early fur trade, and Robinson’s life.

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