• Amanda Strome

Lifetime Learning: Adult Enrichment Classes

Learning new things is an adventure that continues for a lifetime, not just while you are in school. Adult classes can enrich your life.

Forest Hills knows how life long learning is important and is here to offer classes for adults. There are many classes being offered, from one on one tech help to Acrylic painting there is something that everyone can enjoy. Classes are offered at various times and days to best suite your schedule.

Here is a full list of open classes being offered this fall:

-Acrylic Painting

-American Sign Language Beginner 2

-Android "More than Basics" Cell Phone Training

-Bridge for Beginners Part 2

-Excel Formulas

-Forrest Hills Community Band

-Happy, Healthy, Holidays

-Kalamazoo Air Zoo Day Trip

-Keeping You and Your Data Safe

-Let's Decorate a Cake!

-Mantric Meditation

-Mexican American War

-One-on-One Tech Help

-Portrait Drawing

-Stretch and Balance

-Time to Cut the Cable Cord

-Windows 10 Overview

-Windows File Management

Classes range in starting dates from late October, to November and December to be sure to check in to see when your favorite class is being offered this fall or winter. For more information visit enjoylearning.com

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