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15 Rainy Day Activities for the Family

With fall here and winter approaching, the weather outside doesn't always allow for outdoor fall activities. When it comes to rainy days, its hard to think of something that the whole family can enjoy. The greater Grand Rapids area has many great things to do, even if the weather outside is frightful. Here are 15 ideas for rainy day activities.

1. Visit Local Museums

There are some great museums in the Grand Rapids area. Go to the Children's museum with the younger children. The children's museum's exhibits are designed to not only be fun, but to help developing children learn and boost creativity. Another great idea is to check out the replica of old Downtown Grand Rapids at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. They have great exhibits for the whole family, and offer discounts to Kent County residents. There are many other great museums in the area, so be sure to explore them all.

2. Go to the Movies

Going to the movies is a rainy day classic. Going the movies can transport you into another world of magic and wonder.

3. Go to an Arcade

Arcades are a great place where everyone in the family can have fun. Release your competitive side can see who can get the most tickets. There are different Arcades in the area for different ages. Chuck-e-Cheeses is a great place for younger ages. There also are some games like Skeeball and guitar hero that are a hit for all ages. Craig's Cursers is a great place to go have fun also. With laser tag and more everyone is bound to have a great time. Arcades are fun for everyone, and at Dave-n-Busters the adults can even enjoy a drink at the bar, and is great to go with teens.

4. Bowling

Bowling allies are a great place for the family to have a little friendly competition and unwind. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by adding bumpers for a guaranteed hit every time. See when open bowling is at local bowling allies and have a great rainy day out.

5. Board Games

Break out the board games from childhood and pass them on! Playing board games is a great way for everyone to be evolved and have fun. More than just monopoly, there are many fast paced board games that anyone can enjoy such as Sorry.

6. Card Games

A deck of card can turn into many fun games. Play poker without the money, or play games like King Peter, Go Fish and more. There are countless games that are easy to learn and a rainy day is a great time to try some out to see what the next family favorite will be.

7. Bake

A rainy day is a great time to try out recipes together and even get a sweet treat at the end. Baking cupcakes, or sugar cookies also give everyone a chance to decorate them as an added activity. Not only are sweets fun to eat, but they are also fun to make.

8. Modeling Clay

Sculpt a masterpiece with modeling clay such as Sculpey, that comes pre colored can be baked in your oven. Release your creative side and create mini sculptures, ornaments and more.

9. Coloring

Coloring pages are a great activity for everyone. Print some coloring pages from online, there are also adult coloring pages if more of a challenge is needed. Another great idea is to print off a dot-to-dot and then color in the picture after it is complete. With the growing adult coloring trend, there are sure to be many pages of both dot-to-dot online that anyone in the family can enjoy.

10. Build Lego Houses

Have a family competition to see who can build the best lego house. See who is the most creative and can make the best house!

11. Do a Puzzle

A family jigsaw puzzle is something that can be great for a rainy afternoon. The whole family can contribute to solving the puzzle.

12. Paint

Painting is a relaxing an fun activity for everyone. You don't have to be an expert at painting to have fun on a rainy day.

13. Science Experiments

Create something ooy-gooy in your kitchen. Make slime, Oobleck, and more. This is a great way to get your kids excited about science, and there are many easy experiments online.

14. Pizza Making

Create your own personal pizzas, or calzones. This is a yummy activity that everyone has a great time doing, with a yummy reward at the end.

15. Fall Crafts

A rainy day is a great time to try some DIY crafts. Create thanksgiving decorations for the house. There are many great ideas online for inspiration.

A rainy day can seem dreary, but there are so many fun things that the whole family can enjoy. Next time the weather gets you down, try one of these fun activities that anyone can enjoy.

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