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Date Night Ideas

The holiday season is always busy, its important to take time to spend time with your special someone. Its easy to get in a routine with date nights and go to the same places, however its good to switch things up and try something new. There are many places to go on a date, so next time you are out try something new!

Go to one of the many festivals happening in the Grand Rapids area. Every month there is something happening. This weekend there is the Food Wine and Beer festival. There is many events that happen in Grand Rapids so stay posted to hear all about them.

There are also a lot of breweries around town. Even if you aren't a beer fan many of them have ciders or other options that even the non beer drinker would like just be sure to let the bartender know about your preferences. The Craft Beer Cellar across from downtown market has many a wide variety of beer for sale in bottles, and also on tap. The beer on tap you can buy in a small size to taste test what you would like.

Next time you go out to eat, consider going to a new restaurant. There are many cuisines in the area from around the world. From authentic Mexican food at Mexo, to one of the delicious Thai restaurants in the area there are many options that are worth exploring.

Next time you want to go out to an event, think about seeing a musical either at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center, or at the Civic Theater downtown Grand Raids. There is also a lot of musicians talented musicians, the Grand Rapids Symphony often holds classical music concerts, or consider going to the Van Andel Arena for one of the concerts intown. Tickets for at the Van Andel usually start around $40 and there are new acts coming into town frequently. For the sports fans, consider buying tickets for the Grand Rapids Griffins and see a hockey game!

These are just some of the many things to do in the Grand Rapids area, next time you have a date night think outside of the box and try one of these fun activities. Explore everything that Grand Rapids has to offer.

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