• Amanda Strome

New Traditions to Try at Your Family Christmas

Many families do many different things for Christmas. The traditions we have with our family are precious. This year try out a couple of these activities, to see if you want to make it a tradition.

Hiding the Pickle. You might have heard of this one before. Buy a Pickle Ornament and have someone hide it on the tree. The first person who finds it wins a present.

Look at Christmas lights. Get comfy in your PJ's, drink Hot Coco and drive around looking at Christmas lights around the neighborhood while listening to Christmas music on the radio.

Make a Gingerbread village. Use graham crackers and icing or white sugar as glue. Create a "gingerbread" village with many houses, streetlights and more out of decorations.

Make one Keepsake ornament a year. Whether its a salt hand print out of Salt Dough or a classic and simple Candy cane this is sure to be something the whole family can enjoy.

Buy a plain Christmas Tree Skirt and trace hands every year. This is sure to be a fun way to watch the kids grow up!

Have a Christmas Diary. Write down major events, things that happened every year in a Christmas Diary to look back on later.

Do a Secret Santa between siblings. Have kids draw names out of a hat and buy a Christmas gift for a sibling.

Buy a gift of a Child in need. Have your kids buy a present for Toys for Tots or another organization.

Plant red hots in the snow and watch them "grow" into candy canes on Christmas morning.

Track Santa. NORAD has a Santa Tracker every year so you can see where Santa is on Christmas Eve night.

Christmas is such a fun time of year and there is so many traditions that families have. Try out some of these traditions to see what you could make your new tradition every year.

Read more traditions here: http://bit.ly/2AxvJRk

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