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Winter Time Activities

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. It can be hard to find the energy to go outside while it is so cold, however being outside is important thing to do through the year. In winter this is important to get Vitamin D and combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight.

Go sledding

Sledding is fun no matter how hold you are. This something that is as easy as buying a sled form the store, and sliding down the hill.

Snow Ball Fights

Having a snow ball fight not only is fun, but is a great way to get exercise. Build snow forts, and attack your opponent and find out who is King or Queen of the snow.

Make a Winter Maze

This is something that is fun for kids. Take the snow blower and snow blow a small maze in your backyard. This is something that will make memories for a lifetime.

Take a Winter Walk

See the beauty that mother nature has to offer no matter what season it is. Take time to see how winter has transformed downtown Ada into a winter wonderland.

Go Tubbing or Snowboarding

Another great way to relieve some stress and pickup some speed this winter. No matter your preference, this one winter activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Go Cross Country Skiing

This is another great way to take advantage of the great trails around us. Cross country skiing allows you to maneuver around the snow more easily than if you were to walk.

Build a Snowman

There's a reason that Anna kept asking Elisa to build a snow man, its blast. Have a snow man building competition and see who can build the best snow man. You can also buy a spray paint that is meant for the snow to create colorful snowmen, or decorations in your backyard.

Ice Skate

Ice skating is always something fun that the entire family can enjoy. Head on down to Rosa Park circle, or find an ice rink online that does open skate.

No matter what season it is, west Michigan has a lot of outdoor activities that anyone can enjoy. Next snow day be sure to take some time and spend it in the great outdoors.

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