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Community Cooking

Being able to eat healthily and also balance a busy lifestyle is a challenge for anyone. There are so many pins, and tutorials online, it can be overwhelming to know what is needed to have healthy meals.

Just a couple of hours can transform the meals you eat throughout the week. The Forrest Hills community is dedicated to having taught its residents how to eat healthily. There is an hour and a half hour class that teach you how to save time and money in making your meals. The class is only $35 dollars, with a $20 food fee, and you get to keep the meals that you make. Learning how to cook is something that is a hands-on activity, and this class can teach you how. The meals being made are gluten-free. There are classes being offered to teach how to meal prep dinner and snacks, and also breakfast and lunch!

If your a pro at meal prep there is more classes that are being offered to help teach you new recipes that are packed with nutrients to help you keep your new years' resolutions next year. There is a class once a week that teaches smoothie, or smoothie bowl. There is a new recipe every week.

Kombucha is the beverage that is taking the world by storm. Known for its great health benefits, kombucha is something that is that can have been around since 220 BC. Learn about the history and also learn how to make it.

Eating healthy is something that is beneficial to your body, and mind. Having a healthy diet can improve your mood, energy, and many other health benefits. Learn the basics, or learn new recipes. Find out more at enjoylearning.com or call 616-493-8950

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