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Classes for Teens

Get your teen connected to the community in a way that will benefit them for a lifetime. Connect them to learing outside of the classroom and see everything that the community can offer.

Getting a lifeguarding certificate is something that can help your teen save lives. Not only is this something that is great for a teen to have to know how to help others in need, but it is also a good way to have your teen specialize and become a lifeguard for the summer.

Help launch your teen into success for college. All students who wish to attend college have to take the ACT or SAT, and the score they get can make the difference in if they are admitted or not. Even though your son or daughter has been taking standardized tests for years, this test is different and the most impactful test of their high school career.

Classes are being offered in March for both the ACT and SAT. Classes for the SAT are being offered at Northern Central and Eastern high schools. Classes for residents are only $99.

There are many programs that are offered to enhance your teen's life outside of high school. Find out more details about everything that is being offered at enjoylearning.com or call 616-496-8950.

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