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Smells of the World: How Scents Influence Mood

As a human being, we are influenced by our environment. Things as small as scents can have an influence on our energy and mood. Here are 4 scents that you can use to influence your mood whether it is for personal relaxation or the boosting of confidence and energy

Crawling into bed after a long stressful day may be heaven on Earth for many busy individuals. If your goal is to create more relaxation, then scents such as lavender will be extremely helpful. Lavender contains calming properties that help ease stress or anxiety. Having some sleepless nights? Because of lavender's soothing scent, our nervous system becomes more relaxed helping improve sleep and quality of sleep. Studies have shown that lavender can also help neurologically due to its antioxidant properties!

Do you seem to be losing focus throughout the day? Rosemary can help! Rosemary is widely known for its mental stimulation. This scent has been shown to be effective with memory retention by helping improve it! Rosemary is a great partner whether you are working throughout the night or studying for a big test. Not only does it help with memory retention, it also helps with maintaining focus. Aside from mental stimulation, rosemary helps relieve nasal congestion! A small but necessary perk for this season.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety or depression, lemongrass may help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Lemongrass is known to contain anti-depressant properties. The aroma activates serotonin in the brain, lifting one’s mood. Its fresh scent can help alleviate stress and promote relaxation. There have been benefits of lemongrass for insomnia as well. If you are someone who tosses and turns at night, lemongrass helps relax your nerves and leads to deeper, uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Peppermint has cooling properties which helps to stimulate your mood. If you feel yourself slowing down mid afternoon this is a great, quick pick-me-up! It helps combat mental fatigue and boosts your energy levels. The smell of peppermint helps elevate your mood; many people find it useful for anxiety and depression. This is because peppermint’s cooling properties give a sense of refreshment to an individual which can help boost feelings of happiness.

Implementing these scents can help prepare you to take on these winter days. This is a great way to naturally enhance mood and relaxation. Make sure to be conscious of potential allergies. Whether you are staying in and relaxing or heading out for a productive day, there’s a scent for that!

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