• Annette Aragon

Buy a Drink, Plant a Tree!

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do? Looking for new drinks to try? Beer month in Grand Rapids has officially been in full throttle for you beer connoisseurs! If you have already been partaking in the food and beer this past week, you know there are many options to choose from. This month is filled with brewery tours, karaoke today at Fulton Street Bar & Grill, beer and yoga February 23rd at Elk Brewing as well as beer and board games on the 25th! There are a range of fun filled activities to partake in this month!

Aside from food, drinks, and beer tours, why not spend on a good cause while also enjoying yourself? This year, savor your favorite beverage while giving back to the community. About 22 different locations have made it a point to give back to our parks by collaborating with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.

Every February, at participating breweries, there are tree themed beverages that are sold during beer month and the funds from each purchase are then put towards planting trees! The trees are planted the following fall and it is an event for all to enjoy! If you are not so much the drinking type, this is still a fun event to volunteer for. There will be tree planting, music, and yard games for all as well as a chance to meet those behind this movement!

According to Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, “The trees planted will improve tree diversity, provide a source of food to wildlife and park users, and replace removed ash trees lost due to the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic”. This is a great way to have fun, let loose, and give back to a greater cause.

These tree themed drinks will be available until the end of beer month March 15th. Of the 22 locations, Atwater Brewery, Cedar Springs Brewing Company, Elk Brewing Co., and Founders Brewing Co. are amongst them. This month gives you an excellent opportunity to go out and enjoy yourself. Set out for a nice evening with friends and co-workers after a hard days work! Whether it is for date night, girls night, boys night, or dinner Beer Month has much to offer! Go to https://www.experiencegr.com for a calendar of events throughout the month!

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