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We often hear about new healthy habits that we should partake in. Self-care should be at the top of all of our to-do lists. We deserve to unwind and pamper ourselves after a long week! But as we know, it can be difficult to get in that habit since we are always busy with other duties. Adding more tea to your routine serves as a way to promote relaxation for even the busiest of people. Not only is tea a great companion for me time, but it comes loaded with health benefits! These are just three out of the many teas available to benefit your health.

Ginger Tea

If you are an individual who is prone to motion sickness then ginger tea can help you to alleviate those symptoms! Drinking a cup of ginger tea before a car ride can help prevent you from feeling nauseous. It also helps to alleviate morning sickness! This tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to alleviate muscle or joint pain. This can be done through consumption or by soaking your inflamed joints. Those who suffer from arthritis know that winters can be uncomfortable. This is a natural way to help ease joint pain and stay warm. Ginger is rich in Vitamin C and magnesium which can help you overcome a typical cold. Alleviate congestion due to a cold or even allergies with a steamy hot cup of ginger tea! This is perfect for such cold weather we have been experiencing this winter.

Green Tea

Green tea has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in Japan. The consumption of green tea has been interwoven into the culture and is present in every meal due to its health properties and great taste! If you are a coffee drinker but tend to get jittery, this tea can serve as a substitute. There is less caffeine in green tea which helps keep you alert without the jittery feelings that linger from coffee. There have been benefits toward lowering blood pressure and having lower cholesterol with the consumption of green tea.

Not only is it healthy for your heart, but it is also healthy for your brain! Green tea has been associated with increased brain function. Since it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, there has been some research that suggests the catechins protect the neurons in your brain leading to a potentially lower risk of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Did you know that green tea has oral health benefits? It has been found that green tea is a healthier alternative to regular mouth wash. The catechins in green tea have been found to kill bacteria within the mouth leading to a reduction in bad breath.

Dandelion Tea

I know what you’re thinking… Dandelion tea?! As much as the thought of consuming anything dandelion related seems squirmish, there are some great benefits. Not to mention that the taste has been related to coffee, only less bitter, go figure! Dandelion tea is great for bloating by helping you to eliminate excess water. It promotes the breaking down of fat and cholesterol within the body. Not only that, but this tea works to improve digestion through stimulation of the gastric acids in your stomach. So if you're looking for something else to help lose weight, dandelion tea may be of good use to you!

Rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium, this tea is superb for bone health and strength. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, dandelions are a great source of nutrients to strengthen bones. Are you or someone you know anemic? Due to its high iron and zinc, dandelion root has been used as a means to treat anemia. Sometimes the issue may be that your body is not absorbing these vitamins and minerals, aside from being rich in them, dandelion enhances our body's ability to absorb these nutrients.

There are dozens of teas out there that each have their own health benefits. If you are looking for natural, healthy ways to improve your health then sipping on a steamy cup of tea is for you! Drinking at least three cups of tea each day is as healthy as drinking plenty of water, the only difference is that you will receive extra benefits! Set that water to boil and get cozy with such a relaxing way to improve health.

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