• Annette Aragon

A Night Under the Stars

With just a week in, Springtime is here! We have been experiencing beautiful days after such a rough winter. You know what this means don’t you? Spring break! That’s right, the Forest Hills Public Schools’ spring break begins today. Now is the time for family vacations and travels! But what if you are staying home this year? There are still fun and memorable opportunities for you and your family.

Kick off the first day of spring break at Roselle Park! Tonight at 7 pm, the park will be hosting an “Evening Sights and Sounds” event for the community. This is a perfect chance to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. There will be both indoor and outdoor activities using sight and sound. While indoors, there will be a presentation on the stars in the sky as well as the sounds of local animals such as frogs and owls! After this, there will be time for some outdoor observations.

Bring along your outdoor blanket and lie down to gaze at the stars! Enjoy a nice picnic or snack as you watch the skies with your loved ones. Observation tools are going to be provided by the park to make this an amazing experience. This is a wonderful, laid-back, opportunity to enjoy some family time and what nature has to offer! Kids will have the chance to gain an appreciation for the world they live in and learn more about the stars and the animals that inhabit the park at night.

Be sure to dress appropriately and plan accordingly for any changes in weather. The event will last until 8:30 pm. Let the fun and adventures of spring break begin today!

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