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Adventurous Outdoor Challenges

Outdoor adventures with a slight twist! Once again Ada Park is on fire for event this month! They are hosting an outdoor adventure with some adventurous challenges along the way. Think about Ninja Warrior but for kids that will bring games, nature / science learning, and of course snacks. They need to fuel up one way or another for the upcoming events. Your child will learn teamwork and have fun as they try to complete a series of sports and problem solving challenges. What type of problem solving challenges will their be? Well, that’s your first challenge to wait and see! You and your team will follow a map as you run, bike, and climb through the park to the finish line! That sounds like a lot of fun for your kids and especially get them to be active during summer instead of playing Fortnite most of the day. Your kid doesn't have to be athletic to finish the challenges which we had already considered to include everyone. Let the games bring! This event will be June 20, at 9:30am. It is recommended for children ages from 10 to 13 for the type of challenges that will be presented during the event. It will be help at the Roselle Park, 1010 Grand River Dr. There is a $10 fee to be entered but will all the fun things they will be doing that it will be worth it.

Pre-registration is required. Contact the Park office by email mfitzpatrick@adatownshipmi.com or phone 616-676-0520

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