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Frog Jumping Day

Discovery Day: Jump, Frog, Jump!

It is another beautiful day in Ada community for hosting events. There are numerous amounts of wildlife in our area that we want you to be part of it! Not literally but understanding one particular creatures is like. You might be wondering what this creature is....well if you guessed a frog, you win. Let's leap over to learn more about this event.

This event is primarily for preschoolers and their guardians. Both will have a fun adventure together in the park with some hands on activities, nature crafts, and experiencing outdoor discovery. We make sure that the activities are not just for the preschoolers but also fun for their guardians. You guys will be able to hear frogs singing, croaking, and of course jumping! The entire 2 hour event will be related around frogs for a fun afternoon.

Fun facts about frogs -

  • There are over 5,000 species of frog.

  • Frogs don’t need to drink water as they absorb it through their skin.

  • A frog’s call is unique to its species, and some frog calls can be heard up to a mile away.

  • Some frogs can jump over 20 times their own body length; that is like a human jumping 30m.

This event will be hosted Tuesday, July 30th at Roselle Park. It will run from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and will be around $5 per person. Preregistration is required to attend by emailing mfitzpatrick@adatownshipmi.com or call 616-676-0520

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