• Andrew Boersma

Rocks and Fossils Hunt

What you could find in your backyard!

I know I was very interested in what I could possible find in my backyard or even the area around me. I would pick up rocks, dirt, wood, basically anything and I would crack them open to see what they looked like on the inside. There were some cool fossils like the ones in the photos but never understood what they were or what to even do with them. It was like looking at the past of what life was like a year ago, decades, or however long.

Ada park office will be hosting an event for kids ages from 8 - 11 called Junior Naturalists: Rocks and Fossils. It will be on August 14 10:00am - Noon. The event will cost $5 and your child will have hands-on activities dealing with nature, science, and of course snacks for them! They will be learning different types of rocks and fossils, make a collection for themselves to take home, and even go on a rock hunt.

The reasons why your child should go because having them explore the world we live in helps them with their health, brings peaces so they can be stress free, valuing experiences rather than material things, life skills that are hard to be caught in school, and lastly, spending time outside instead of on their phones.

For more information go to Ada Michigan. I hope to see you there :)

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