• Andrew Boersma

Benefits of being Outdoors

Become one with nature...whatever that looks like for you!

I know nature can be pretty scary or even exhausting. It doesn't have to be way. It can rewarding in numerous way that helps you be a better you. Personally, it has shaped me to enjoy the many things in the world we live in. I was amazed with what is out there but I would have never found out if I didn't get out there. Let me tell you why being out in nature is so much fun.

  • It boosts your energy

  • Easier to exercise outdoors than a gym filled with people

  • Good for your vision

  • Aromatherapy

  • Enhances creativity

  • Restores our focus

Being physically outdoors is enough for you to get many of the listed things for your life. The biggest thing that I have noticed that in our world today that we are focused so much on technology that we forget something what life is like outside of those devices. Also, how we are glued to a screen throughout the day that makes us tired or losing focus if it gets too much. I would love to hear how your time has been being outdoors and how it has shaped your life

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