• Kayla Plastiak

Bye-Bye Thanksgiving Troubles!

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, which means it’s almost time to indulge yourself in endless amounts of foods! It also means you’re probably already stressing if you’re this year’s host. We are here to try to eliminate some of that unneeded stress so you can spend more time enjoying your family and the holidays! Listed below are a few tips to help you plan for Thanksgiving and rid some of those hosting stresses.

  • Get out a pen and some paper and start creating a plan- include time frames for cooking, desired food items and expected guests

  • Make a list of the dishes you need to prepare, as well as a list of the dishes you are going to have other individuals prepare and bring

  • Look at recipes and needed items to create a full grocery list (hopefully this will result in only needing to go to the store one time)

  • Is there anything you can do ahead of time? Instead of leaving everything for Thanksgiving Day

  • Deep clean your kitchen/house the week before. Then, you will only need a quick touch up later

  • Clean dishes as you go or have down time, allowing yourself to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying

  • Expected to have leftovers- decide if you will be keeping them all or if you need containers to send individuals home with leftovers

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