• Kayla Plastiak

Colder Weather, Warmer Activities

As the weather is getting colder and colder, it becomes less and less likely that you’re going to want to spend time outside. Of course, a snow day calls for snow angels, snowmen, or snowboarding. But what about those freezing cold days that lack snow? What could you possibly do inside that is still fun but keeps you warm and cozy? We created a list of fun indoor activities that you can take advantage of when there’s not a white blanket outside or if you’re just not feeling the snow this year.

Have a movie marathon night

Host a board game night

Enjoy a personal spa day

Make and decorate cookies

Learn a new skill – Juggling? Origami? Yoga Poses?

Watch funny YouTube videos

Make homemade pizza

Ping Pong Tournament

Cold days don’t have to be spent dreading the day or freezing outside! Take advantage of the day by incorporating some of these fun ideas. Or take a more serious approach to the day by cleaning or organizing your home.

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