• Kayla Plastiak

Help Ada Businesses!

Are you looking for a way that you can help out the local businesses in Ada while still staying safe during these challenging times? Whether you need donuts, beer, workout clothes to work off those donuts and beer, or if you want to give a gift card (birthdays are still happening during this whole COVID-19 thing, just sayin'), every little bit counts. 100% of your purchases go directly to that particular business, and the process is secure.

When COVID-19 officially hit Michigan and the greater Grand Rapids area, many Ada businesses were temporarily shut down or forced to change their current ways of operating. With that, the Ada Business Association decided to quickly create a website for people to purchase gift cards from.

To do so, click on this link to adadeals.com, choose the company you want to support, and purchase a gift card today! In these challenging times, anything helps! And you get to continue practicing social distancing as well, win-win!

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