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Guess what Ada? The Farmers Market is almost here! With the summer season about to begin, what better way to start it off then with the Ada Farmers Market. The 2018 season begins on June 5th. If you haven’t heard of this, let us fill you in!


Started by a couple of hardworking and hopeful vendors, this group got together in 2009 and began the first Ada Farmers Market. Since then, the market has grown to over 35 seasonal and weekly vendors that come. The Ada Farmers Market continues to grow, providing West Michigan with locally-grown vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses, meats, and even flowers.

Here Comes the Chef

A special aspect of the Ada Farmers Market is a chef that comes and prepares fresh farm foods at certain times of the season. For about eight weeks of the season, a chef comes and makes dishes from ingredients found at the market. The chef can answer questions about how to prep, cooking, and more.

Cash and Tokens

Paying at each vendor is really simple, and unique! Of course, cash is accepted at all vendors. However, if you only have credit cards, they have an exchange where you can use market tokens as payment instead. All vendors accept tokens as well.

For the Kids

If you decide to bring your kids along, there are also special events for them to go to as well. A special program called Kids in the Market gives kids the opportunities to learn about farming, play with balloons, do yoga and origami, face paint, and go on a vegetable hunt!

With live music to boot, the Ada Farmers Market will surely have another great season this year! If you want some freshly grown produce, check it out over the summer!

For more information, go to http://adafarmersmarket.com/!

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