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Development of Ada

Ada Village was founded back in 1821. With that being said, the town has been growing tremendously ever since then. New businesses have moved in, as well as new housing and more restaurants, and the expansion of parks and walking paths.

In 2006, the Ada community produced a resident-guided vision for the future of the Ada Village. The construction in the village actually started in July of 2015, and hasn’t ceased since then. The development of Headley Ave. is complete, and other projects are now underway.

To get the full effect of this construction and the effect that it has on the residents of Ada, our team went out and got some opinions, that were extremely positive! Here are just a few things that people said.

  • “This development will create more foot traffic, which will create more business, and we’ll benefit from that.”

  • “Ada will now be a place where people want to walk around, almost like Rockford. Everyone knows Rockford, and now everyone will know Ada.”

  • “It’s been really exciting to see everything going up so quickly.”

  • “This is definitely going to pay off down the road.”

We asked a few questions about how the construction impacted the residents and their commutes to work, and found that it was beneficial, and not too disruptive.

  • “We’re good at informing the residents about traffic changes.”

  • “Everyone seems happy about the new development, and it’s not really disruptive to my commute. I don’t live in Ada, but it wasn’t too difficult getting back and forth to work.”

  • “With the improved streets, it actually makes my drive to work easier. I never really was bothered when the construction was happening.”

The township seems like they should get a gold star for communication with the residents. The development was and still is communicated with ease, as well as giving the residents frequent updates and notices of what is going on. The site plans are available online for residents to take a look at. Ada is being extremely public and generous with the information, which benefits the residents, as well. Residents were saying how it’s been exciting to see many things going up so quickly, and though it’s only been a little over two years, Ada already has been starting to flourish into an even more attractive little town.


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