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Diversity of Churches in Ada

Ada is a town known for have a great community feel, great food and beautiful homes. But it also offers plenty of places to worship, including a wealth of different religions as well. From Catholic to Baptist churches, Ada allows everyone the opportunity to dive deeper into their faith! Here's just a few of the many great churches that Ada has to offer!

Ada Congregational Church

Ada Congregational Church (the old church), was built in 1872, and the new church was finished in 1989. With the new church built, the older building became a part of the Ada Township Offices. This church is located right across from the railroad tracks. When the old church was still in use, whenever a train went through, the service would stop, and resume once the train was passed. It was so loud that they had to pause the service and finish once it was quiet again.

Ada Community Reformed Church

Ada Community Reformed Church (which is now known as “The Community”) was built in 1871 as a Methodist Church. Similar to the Congregational Church, the old church was torn down in 1969, and was replaced with a new church that was on the same site, built by Dan Vos Construction.

Ada Christian Reformed Church

Ada, Michigan also had a Christian Reformed Church, which was organized in 1909, and held services in Dutch until 1945. A new church was built in 1958, right next to Ada Christian School. It was too small, though. In 1975, the church was split in half and a new addition connected the two halves. This was accomplished by Dan Vos Construction, as well as the Ada Community Reformed Church renovation.

St. Roberts of Newminster Parish

St. Roberts was the first Catholic church in Ada, Michigan. Started in 1951, the church had 84 parishioners. While the church started off on four acres, they needed to expand. By 1966, the church bought 15 acres and grew from the 84 parishioners to over 750.

Ada Bible Church

Most recently, the township of Ada added a new church in 1977. This was known as Ada Bible Church, and started out as a Bible study, but eventually grew into a congregation. The church was completed in 1990, and the congregation grew to 750 people, similar to the church of St. Roberts.

Whether it be a Catholic, Christian, Baptist, or Reformed church that you’re looking for, Ada has a church that will be perfect for you and your family! As we already know, Ada is an extremely welcoming community and we can assure you that any of these churches would love to have you attend service and progress your faith!

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