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Father’s Day the Right Way

Father’s Day always seems so much harder than Mother’s Day. This is because when was the last time when your dad knew exactly what he wanted, if he wanted anything at all? (Our point exactly!) This year we are here help make your Father’s Day a fabulous one.

Getting the Gift

This seems to be the biggest hurdle of them all, but it is really quite simple. The key to the perfect gift is actually listen to what dad wants! Stay away from the gifts he remind him of the house and lawn work that needs to get done. Also, not every gift has to break the bank, it’s the thought that is put into it that really matters. If dad has been itching to get out on golf course, buy him a round of gulf! Or if you get the classic, I just want some peace and quiet, let him have the first half of the day to himself. It’s about showing your dad that you really listen to him and what he cares about, which will be the greatest gift of them all.

Light the Fire

Cracking open a cold one and flipping burgers on the grill is most father’s dream. Making sure the grill is clean, the propane tank is full, and there’s plenty of meat to be made, sets any Father’s Day dinner up for success. Let dad whip up his favorite dishes with his favorite flavors; because being the grill master is not just a title, it’s an honor. Your dad will pride himself on the feast he has prepared for you and the family.

Making Memories

Most importantly, dads want nothing more than to make memories with their families that they can cherish for years. Having all of the kids in one place, at one time would create the biggest smile on his face; because there is nothing he loves more than just being surrounded with his family. If dad wants to watch his favorite movie for the 100th time, do it! If taking the boat out to the lake is where he wants to be, tag a long. Or if your dad is getting retro and reliving his glory days on the football field, set up a game with the family. These will be the times he looks back on when he’s grey and old and appreciate how much his family does for him.

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