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Flooding in Ada

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve been experiencing a lot of rain fall the past couple of days. Instead of snow piles, we’re getting giant puddles. The perks of transitioning seasons. It may not seem like a big deal, but you are in for a shock. Flood estimates for the Grand River could reach historic heights in some spots, one being our beloved Ada!

The Numbers

The estimate height of the crest (the tip of a wave of water) for the Grand River is expected to be 22.5 ft. That’s just 0.4 feet below the highest peak back in 2013, which was 22.9 ft. As a reminder, these are just estimates. As the rain continues on through the weekend, who knows if the number could get higher or smaller by then.

What This Means

Ada has already started getting major flooding in some spots. There are a couple of parking lots that have begun to flood over. The Ada River Walk near the Ada Covered Bridge and Leonard Field Ball Park have already flooded over. The flood warning will continue on until late Tuesday night. Any areas below water level have the potential to flood over, if they haven’t already by the time of this blog post.

How to Stay Safe

As always, try to remain off of the roads near the Grand River as much as possible. If there are barricades, do the right thing and don’t go around them. Since the flooding is taking up parking lots, don’t drive through completely flooded areas. Stay updated with your local news station for more information on the subject.

Stay dry!



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