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Get Green with Gardening

It’s time to start thinking spring! With winter almost over (hopefully), we need to start getting down and dirty with some gardening! If you are a garden master or a first-timer, we want to share with you some ways to start gardening this year, as well as what is popular for gardens in 2018!

Where to Begin

Whether it be a garden of flowers or a garden of vegetables, it’s important to remember to not go overboard. A farm doesn’t grow overnight. Starting off a with a few raised beds and then building each year will keep you sane and happy with the results.

A raised bed is are essential for weed prevention, planting, and harvesting. They can be any length, but don’t make them wider than four feet for watering and harvesting purposes.

There are a few things you should prepare right away for when the spring season gets in full swing. Getting good soil and building the beds are necessary to start off this garden journey. In terms of seeds, it’s not wise to immediately start off from the seed and grow them, since you’ll be beginning this garden from scratch and will have many tasks to do.

What to Grow

A garden does not to be relegated to just flowers or vegetables, so there are many options for you when you start to grow your seeds.

One of the best, and easiest, plants to grow is the tomato. The National Gardening Association stated that 9 out of 10 gardens involved some sort of tomato plant. The growing process requires a bit of transferring between containers as the tomatoes grow, but that is to be expected with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Basil has proven to be a good plant to grow as well, as it can act as a form of insect repellent for your other growing seeds. Tomato plants and basil plants work well with one another, not just in the garden, but in spaghetti sauces too.

Since we live in Michigan, growing radishes would be a good option. The plant thrives in colder weather, and since Michigan can switch from hot to cold in a matter of minutes, why not try growing a radish!

In terms of flowers, the sunflower is a great choice to grow if you are a first-timer. Growing in almost all soils, the sunflower does not require a lot of fertilization.

The marigold is also a great flower choice, as it also accepts almost any type of soil, and requires very minimal effort to receive that golden flower.

Why Start a Garden?

Besides providing some wonderful flowers, fruits, and veggies, gardening is a great way to save money! Imagine not having to spend money every week of food that you could find right in your backyard. Plus, it makes for a beautiful view and conversation starter.

Furthermore, you are gaining necessary exercise, as well as some time to yourself. Prove to your friends that you can start a garden and get green this year!

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