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Is It Too Early to Prepare for Winter?

Before summer and autumn come to an end, are you ready for winter?

According to equinox, winter begins December 22nd, but we all know Michigan usually gets cold quite early! Right now is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about preparing your home for the winter.

1. Slowly Condition Your Home to Cooler Temperatures

As soon as our homes get chilly, the kneejerk reaction is to run to the thermostat and crank up the heat. While our bodies are instantly grateful for our natural impulses, our wallets will start to feel the pain not long after.

2. Kick Rodents and Other Pests to the Curb

"Rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and other pests also seek shelter from the winter elements, don't let them use your home!

3. Stock Up on Your Outdoor Hardware

Do an early check to make sure you have rakes, shovels, snow blowers, sidewalk salt, and other winter cleanup items that you'll need to keep everybody safe who will step on to your property before, during, and after a winter-weather event.

4. Clear Vents and Chimneys to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Mishaps

Inspect vents and chimneys to make sure they are unobstructed. Clear leaves and vines; prune shrubs and plants so they do not block vents.

5. Take Preventative Measures Against Pipe Freezing

The last thing you want this winter are burst pipes that have frozen because you didn't properly prepare them.

6. Visit Your Doctor or Local Pharmacy for a Flu Shot

Give your body the best chance of avoiding the flu — and fighting it if you do catch it — by getting a flu shot.

7. Outfit Your Car for Winter Weather

Top off your tank, "docking" your car, pre-treating your locks so they don't freeze, covering your car if it's susceptible to the elements, and keeping the engine block warm.

8. Replace Shingles and Clean Your Gutters

Hop up on the roof to inspect and replace any loose shingles to avoid a potentially devastating in-home disaster from melting precipitation that could make its way inside.

Keeping up with these things before winter hits will save you lots of time and money! For more information CLICK HERE

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