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Parks of Ada

As spring is just on the horizon, I think we should celebrate the wonderful parks Ada provides for outdoor, recreational activity. Spring brings flowers, showers, and outdoor activities to play for hours. Here is a rundown of some of the activities and exploration Ada parks have to offer.

Leonard Park

While it is the smallest of the parks, Leonard Park certainly has a lot of history behind it. One of the primary features of Leonard Park is the historic Ada Covered Bridge. Once a primary transportation site, the Ada Covered Bridge is now a walkway for people who visit Leonard Park.

Park Features:

· Softball field

· Bike path

· River overlook deck

Ada Township Park

The Ada Township Park offers a wide array of both active and passive activities. Created for the United States Bicentennial in 1976, this park offers tennis courts, soccer fields, fishing ponds, and trails. Other features include tables, pavilions, grills, and gazebos for all your picnicking needs.

Park Features:

· 57 acres

· Playground

· Fishing ponds (For seniors and kids 12 and under)

· Woodland Garden

· Bud Locke Arboretum

· Les Craig Learning Center

· Trails

Roselle Park

The former home to the Ada Beef Company, this 240-acre nature reserve is home to restored natural beauty. A paved trail leads to a river overlook, a canoe landing, and a silo that has a playground, climbing walls, and wetland observation deck. Roselle Park holds many Ada Township events, including the Roselle Park River Festival the Grand River Run.

Park Features:

· Roselle Park Resource Building

· River Shoreline

· Woodrick Memorial observation deck

· Prairies

· Paved and Natural Trails


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