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Summer Has Begun! What Now?

The kids are out of school, the temperature has risen, and the sun is shinning, what do you do? Take Advatange of this weather while you can!

Summer is just now starting ?

Did you know the first day of spring, summer, fall and winter can either be defined using astronomical events like solstices and equinoxes or it can be based on meteorological factors, average temperatures. Here in Ada, the summer solstice marks the first day of summer WHICH IS TODAY!

What is the summer solstice?

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Solstices are opposite on either side of the equator, so the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. The astronomical definition uses the dates of equinoxes and solstices to mark the beginning and end of the seasons.

Now that summer is in full effect, you can use this time to have some fun and explore! Here are a few things you can do before summer ends.

Visit the Ada Farmers Market

Started by a couple of hardworking and hopeful vendors, this group got together in 2009 and began the first Ada Farmers Market. Since then, the market has grown to over 35 seasonal and weekly vendors that come. The Ada Farmers Market continues to grow, providing West Michigan with locally-grown vegetables, fruits, breads, cheeses, meats, and even flowers.

The market will be open Tuesdays from 11a.m. - 4 p.m., RAIN OR SHINE!

Go to the Park

There are many parks in Ada for families and friends. This is the perfect time to take the family out to enjoy some fun under the sun.

Ada Township Park - offers paved paths (barrier free), a nature trail, playground, picnic pavilions, soccer fields, tennis courts, softball/baseball fields, restroom facilities

Leonard Park - features the historic Ada Bridge—a pedestrian bridge that walkers and bikers alike enjoy.

Roselle Park - offers a deck for bird-watching, a canoe stop along the Grand River, exterior rock climbing wall and playground, picnic area, rain gardens, bird nesting boxes, and a converted silo observation tower with panoramic views of the entire park.

For more information about parks in Ada click HERE



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