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Ada's Go to Coffee Shops

Coffee drinkers -- unite! Are you looking to get away from big name coffee places? Maybe you're looking to try a small, personal, friendly space! The town of Ada has some unique and fun twists to coffee shops around the area. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Jam'n Bean Coffee Company

This is a great place to go if you enjoy fresh coffee. At Jam'n Bean, their signature beans are roasted daily to provide their customers with the freshest coffee experience.

This coffee shop provides a unique experience for its customers. Their outdoor venue provides the community with a place to sit and attend local concerts and dances. It is a great place to sit and enjoy the Ada/Cascade area while sipping on some coffee and listening to music.

Jam'n Bean is committed to the preservation of music and art within our public schools. They have partnered with FHC Band Boosters to give back to the community and have provided up to 184 music scholarships! This is a great coffee shop dedicated to its customers and the community. Not a huge coffee drinker? No worries! Grab a smoothie, a muffin, or even some ice cream while you’re here, too. No matter the time or day, you will always be greeted with a smile by the friendly and welcoming staff upon entrance!

Rowster Coffee

Depending on your mood that day, there are two Rowster locations that are different in their own way. The Wealthy St. location has more of a relaxed feel. This is a shop where you can sit and read a book or write with no distractions. This location offers a cozy, warm environment with wood decor. Enjoy premium house-roasted coffee and house-pressed almond milk as you work. Rowster adds creativity to their products by creating amazing art on your latte like hearts, trees, or other fun designs! Aside from their daily business, Rowster also provides a variety of events in and around the shop, throughout the whole year.

If you're more interested in the hustle and bustle of coffee shops then the West Fulton location is perfect for you! The Rowster Rower's Club offers a more upbeat and modern atmosphere. This shop provides an open, window lit area with large tables, and a large seating capacity. This is a great place for groups both large and small to sit together and enjoy a hot beverage. Because of the seating situation, this is a great place to easily meet new people and have new conversations!

Nonna’s Pantry

Grab a morning meal, lovely lunch, or dinner at The Pantry. Whether you’re in the mood for an omelette, chicken salad, or a European dessert, there are plenty of options to choose from.​ Nonna's offers a casual, cozy, and charming cafe atmosphere. This shop has a cute and unique design as it looks like a family home! This small coffee shop is perfect for those who wish to work quietly while enjoying a small meal or beverage. There is limited space for seating but that just adds to the homey feel we get when we step inside.

Having spent 18 years in Italy, Nonna's brings their experience to the small village of Ada giving us a taste of Italia in their own way! Be sure to order their pasta options in advance, they're worth it!

These are not your typical coffee shops. Each offer a personal touch to the community that goes beyond business. Stop in for fresh takes on your favorite blends, complimented with yummy food and beautiful interiors. Give yourself a break once in a while!

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