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The History of Ada

Many times we fall into the habit of moving forward without acknowledging the progress we have made. The same can be said for the places that we live our day to day lives. Ada is far from where it was when it was first developed, but it has managed to continue to showcase its rural heritage!

The village of Ada, Michigan started off as a trading post that was located right along the Grand River. With many Native Americans already inhabiting the soon-to-be Ada, Rix Robinson, the first white man to the village, moved in. He took over the trading post after awhile, and eventually went on to hold different titles throughout the area.

Some of the most notable titles were the Supervisor for the Township of Kent (1834), Supervisor of Ada Township (1840), a State Senator (1845), and finally, a Member of the State Constitutional Convention (1850). Aside from his many roles in Ada's development, Robinson was a women's suffrage advocate and served as a peace negotiator between Native Americans and the government!

So how did Ada come to be known as Ada? It is said that Ada was named after a highly respected woman who resided in there at the time. This woman's name was Ada Smith, the daughter of Sydney Smith, the first postmaster in 1837.

Ada, Michigan soon had a place on the map. The creation and introduction of the railroad had a major part in this, thus making it easier to connect the towns of Ada and Grand Rapids. This led to the establishment of new businesses including a flour mill, general stores, churches, hotels, and a doctor, among other things. With the development of the technology following shortly after, Ada soon became a successful little town.

Today, Ada is still flourishing. We have come a great distance, from a fur trading post, to the beautiful community we have now! And we are still developing new projects to continue Ada's growth. With a multitude of businesses that have plenty of variety, Ada, Michigan is a great place to work and live!





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