• Ada Downtown

Visiting Ada: Park and Spend the Day Exploring!

Ada, Michigan has been expanding and is more than just a dot on a map! It’s a perfect place to spend a weekend, an afternoon, or any sort of time for that matter.

With the expansion and construction that is being completed in Ada, it’s even easier to get to and explore.

Here are some areas to park, and not worry about spending the day away from the car!

On-Street Parking:

  • Ada Drive (both sides of the street)

  • River Street (both sides of the street)

  • Headley Street (both sides of the street)

  • Thornapple River Drive (both sides of the street)

  • Bronson Street (only side heading towards Leonard Field)

Parking Lots:

  • Community Church Lot

  • Township Hall Lots (both front and back)

Parks with Parking Lots:

  • Ada Park

  • Seidman Park

  • Roselle Park

  • Grand River Nature Area

  • Leonard Park


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