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What's In Your Kids Lunch?

You are what you eat... Isn't that the saying?

When you drop off your kid at school, are you aware of the food they are receiving? and if you are packing their lunch are you sure that's the right lunch for them? Maybe it's time to change it up or start FRESH!

Eating lunch is truly one of the most important meals for growing children. Because lunch is served during school hours, there are only two options to feed your child. the first option would be to give your child money to buy their lunch at school. Although schools across the U.S. have been making a great deal of changes, it is highly recommended that you become conversant with the meals provided by the school. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what foods your child will be eating. The other option would be to pack your child’s lunch. Though this may seem like more of a relaxing choice as you can feel relieved to know what your child is eating during lunch, it is important that you too are aware of the foods you are giving to your child as it can affect them throughout the day. Below we have provided a list of foods that would be concidered unhealthy along with a more healthier option.

Packing healthier lunches

Instead------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider

  • Higher-fat lunch meats--------------------------------->Lower-fat deli meats, such as turkey

  • White breadWhole----------------------------------->Grain breads (wheat, oat, multi-grain)

  • Mayonnaise------------------------------------------------------->Light mayonnaise or mustard

  • Fried chips and snacksBaked chips--------------->light popcorn, trail mix, veggies and dip

  • Fruit in syrup---------------------------------------------->Fruit in natural juices or fresh fruit

  • Cookies and snack cakes--------------------->Trail mix, yogurt, or homemade baked goods

  • Fruit drinks and soda-------------------------------->Low-fat milk, water, or 100% fruit juice

For more information on how to give your child a healthier lunch CLICK HERE

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