Why your Hometown is special

August 8, 2019

It begins with YOU

Hometowns are unique that carries a lot of personality with it. Either you grew up in this place or spent most of your time in whenever you had the chance. Hometowns will always have a little something in your own heart that will never leave. It was a place of victory or defeat but whatever it looked like to you, it made you who you are today. Let's look into why hometowns are special and understand, "Home is where the heart is."


  1. Your hometown is the place which holds countless happy or sad memories growing up

    1. I always made forts around my area and pretended to live inside them

  2. You know all the shortcuts, hang out spots, and routes with your eyes closed

    1. I always used to say, I can get us there quicker

  3. The small food shops within your town that you loved to go to

    1. There was this little dinner that I loved to go to every Sunday after church for breakfast

  4. The locals (how crazy, fun, weird, or even kind)

    1. My town was very small so everyone knew everyone

  5. Gathering all together on a Saturday night to hang out

    1. My family always hosted parties in our backyard every Saturday for our neighborhood or friends

  6. Transformation within your town

    1. Seeing my town change over the last 20 years was very interesting to see

Whatever your hometown meant to you, it was your hometown. There will be others as you grow up wherever you decide to settle at. It is very interesting the little things in life that make life worth living for. It's the little things that we sometimes take for granted unless we pay close attention to them. I am curious to hear your story about your hometown and what it did for you growing up.



                         Photo was taken by: Jmckenziephotography



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